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  1. I believe this happens when you are running iPadOS 13 Beta. Use the current iOS to load LUTS... Best wishes...
  2. You can go to the File menu, use the ‘Save A Copy‘ command and save it in afdesign format to icloud drive or locally.
  3. Ok, thank you, ler me try again. I find it often settles on an offwhite or offblack instead of the pure colour. I’ll play with swatches as well as you suggest.
  4. Aw my goodness, yes! That’s what it was. I must be careful where I rest my palms. Thank you so much for your reply and helping me ...
  5. Hi, i find that Im unable to quickly select a pure black or white from the colour wheel. Is there a trick to getting to pure black quickly?
  6. Not sure how this can be, but suddenly I’m no longer able to mask an image layer. With the mask layer selected, painting with a black brush and nothing is revealed from the layer below. I have used this successfully many times, but suddenly this problem happens on both my 2017 iPad Pros. Have I missed something or is this a bug?
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