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  1. Hi, almost there. Now the only missing part of this feature ist the abilty to bring a number of objects i.e. into the same height/width. Really useful when importing a number of images with diferent aspect ratios and make them align nicely. Right now the transformation is being applied relatively.
  2. Hi there, are there any updates regarding this request/feature?
  3. Hi Chris, please find the attached file. I can reproduce the crash everytime I double click the bottom handle of the textbox. Update: I forgot to mention, that I created this file out of an flyer project. I only removed all other layers and symbols. If you try with a fresh document this crash behaviour might not occur. AD_Textbox_Crashtest.afdesign
  4. Whenever I doubleclick on a textframe to adjust it to its content, Affinity Designer crashes. This happens mostly in documents with multiple artboards and groups/layers.
  5. It has been over 2.5 years now since this feature has been requested here. I find it cruicial for everybody optimizing images for web use. So I wonder: Can we expect this feature anytime soon?
  6. When I import the attached PDF file AD only shows and imports grey images (see screen shot). Opening the PDF in Acrobat or Preview everything looks good. Photoshop also imports that PDF without issues. I tried other PDFs from that very same source (IMSLP database for music score) with exact same results. The only workaround so far is to "print" the PDF as new PDF. The result opens up perfectly in AD. Since this does not happen with all other kinds of PDFs so far, only with the ones from that source, I suppose the issue is linked to how these PDFs are being generated by IMSLP. But since Ph
  7. I am using Affinity Designer for 2 month now and I am very impressed what this software does for this unbelievable price. I alost moved entirely from Illustrator and there's not much I miss. That being said: the ability to transform selected nodes of a curve object i.e. for shaping characters would be a highly appreciated feature. So +1 on this!
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