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  1. How do you master white balance and especially using Affinity Photo, it seems very subjective. Is the correct white balance measurable?
  2. Where can I download the latest free Affinity photo or affinity designer stuff like Luminance, Studio Retouch or Live Filters? Thanks.
  3. how do you compare the usability or ease of use of Affinity Designer vs Adobe Illustrator. I'm assuming Adobe Illustrator is the competitor of Affinity Designer. And I haven;t used any Adobe products products yet.
  4. How do you capture images or contents in a Web Browser into Affinity Photo/Designer? Can you crop into Affinity?
  5. @v_kyr so you think it would be unrealistic for screen capture and/or crop into Affinity feature request? Just wondering about what you think about this.
  6. @walt.farrell yes you are correct there is a crop tool but it does not work outside of Affinity Photo or designer unlike the color picker.
  7. @walt.farrellI'm thinking maybe cropping instead?
  8. It would be nice if we will know this setting Walt. Thanks for the feedback Walt.
  9. This works John, very useful, thanks. Just wondering if Affinity Photo/Designer can do what Snipping Tool can?
  10. I did print screen but it prints all my 3 screens,I just want to capture contents in my Browser in one of my monitor in Windows 10.
  11. Hi, I can we have the ebook versions of the Affinity workbooks?
  12. Hi, I can we have the ebook versions of the Affinity workbooks?
  13. Can our experts here comment or make a review of the just released Affinity Photo Workbook? Also can I buy an electronic version of the book? Thanks.
  14. I opened a raw image and set Detail Refinement Radius to 20% question is which part of image is affected and how many pixels are affected? Also what is an existing light pixel? What is the relation between Radius and amount?
  15. @HVDB Fotografie your answer is not helpful as always.
  16. @v_kyr are raw images the one directly coming from my camera? Please explain in laymans' terms.
  17. What are the ways to edit or repair old and damaged Black and White Photos? Where to start?
  18. Hi, How can you use Affinity Photo or Designer to make responsive images? If you have hero or jumbotron my guess is you need to make an image of a different size for all screen sizes using the same image. But what is workflow in Affinity Photo or Designer? Also how can PSD files play a role in all of this?
  19. It is confirmed there are jobs for Adobe Experts, so the question is legitimate for Affinity.
  20. Are there jobs for Affinity Photo Experts? It seems everybody is asking for Adobe skills.
  21. @Fixx please give more insights, thanks.