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  1. OK I am able to type text on path. All fine and good. My problem is the direction of the text on the path. When I type I would like the text to flow from left to right and at moment its going in the opposite direction as noted by the image I have attached... I imagine I will feel silly when someone explains what it is that I have done.
  2. Thank you MEB.... I can stop scratching my head now and start designing....
  3. I have both Photo and Designer. I am aware I can open them cheers After some time finding the link to the sales page I have it! https://greedeals.com/deal/320-fantasy-overlays-bundle/#sthash.NynGJnqx.uxfs Hope this helps you to help me... thanks
  4. Hi there, They are simple jpg file formats. I have attached one to help... I myself would be designing them for the web. I think maybe I just need a "how to" answer on using layers? Thanks
  5. Total noob question I think. I purchased yesterday some "layouts" which looked kind of cool. The sales letter mentioned that they can be used with any software that uses "layers". Unfortunately I have not got a clue as to how to implement them into my design which alas sits just inside my head at moment... Any suggestion as to how to use them would be great!!!
  6. That Aha moment.... To confirm, alas, no Using Affinity Photo so guess there is not a choice of being able to do this within Affinity Photo. I have managed a workaround using an online photo editing site then using Nimbus Screenshot but wish I could do it within Affinity....
  7. Thanks for the reply MEB. Hmmm I wish you could see my screen as no matter where I place my cursor I cannot get a wavy line for the text...
  8. Hi all, More than likely very simple but has left me losing hours All I need to know is how to convert my text to a path so that I can for example place my text on a circle or arch... Many thanks in advance JP

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