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  1. I would like to name my image files using the camera assigned number + the following from EXIF, Lens, F Number, Shutter speed, ISO. Can this be done with Affinity now? If not, will this be added in a future version? Paul
  2. v-Kyr Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it by changing the Raw engine to the Apple one but still, my high res image opened as a gray field with no image. I went back and made sure the Affinity could open the regular out of camera rw2 file, and it did with no problems. So I guess, thee is something in the High Res rw2 file that Affinity and other software is not liking. Again, thanks, PCR
  3. My new Panasonic G9 camera can make high res images with very large files (100mb+) and it labels them as RW2, just like the camera raw file designation. I can open it in Luminar 3, Photos, and in the Silkypix, software that are with the camera, but it will not open in my Mac using Preview, Xee^2, or in Affinity, _1010387.RW2 Any thoughts as to why I am having such difficulty opening these files? Please see the attached a sample test file. _1010387.RW2
  4. Thank you. Amazing what a bit of common sense and the right question will bring out. I messed up. In short, NIK will not open Sony RAW files. When I used the JPGs from the five images, every thing worked as it should. I was trying to see how Affinity HDR compared to the older NIK HDR. No contest, the Affinity while building a much bigger Tiff file had better (Truer) colors and seemed to be a better image than the image from the NIK set. Again, my thanks. Paul
  5. I just shot five images to be used in the HDR function in Affinity. That all worked as expected. Affinity was able to process them and do a good job of creating an HDR image TIFF. BUT, when I tried to open a COPY of these files in both LightRoom 5.6 and in NIK HDR, I could see the folder, but all five image files were grayed out. and would not open in other software. Has affinity altered these files in some way? It is odd, because before I opened them in Affinity I made a copy of the files and put them in a separate folder on my desktop. But neither these copied files or the originals op
  6. Thanks for the list of RAW files supported. I see the G9 is not on that list, but I have no issue opening a G9 RAW RW2 file. It is only a issue with the HiRes RW2 RAW file. Why would Affinity open a G9 RW2 file but not open a G9 RW2 HiRes File? Both should conform to the same file format with the only difference being the size of the files. PCR
  7. My new Panasonic G9 camera has a high res file mode. It produces a RW2 File of about 80mb. I cannot open this file in Affinity even though my normal RW2 files open just fine. It will open in Luminar, but not in Xee^3 viewer on the Mac, though all other files open with Xee^3. I can convert the file using the Adobe Image converter and then it is a fully functional file in Affinity. Can someone help me understand why this file is giving Affinity a problem? A sample of these files is attached. Paul _1010136.RW2
  8. How do I get my photos (RAW files), to show up on desktop? They show up as Affinity Logos. I want to see the images so I can select what I want?
  9. PCR


    Update HDR are very poor quality. What happened to the HDR function? All three image were from the same set of Sony raw files. Left most image is using NIK to create the HDR. Middle one is HDR from earlier version of Affinity. Right most image is using the latest version of Affinity. Right most image show noticeable detection in detail, color, and shadow areas. If this is an improvement, I may have to return Affinity and use other software.
  10. Alfred Thanks for responding so quickly. I saw how to save the image in a the document form, but I did not see any option for export. Could be I missed it. I am using my Air book with 11inch screen because my Mini and its larger screen is getting a brain transplant. I would like to order Affinity today, using this Airbock, if so, how can I then add it to the Mac Mini next week when its back in operation. The EXIF question. Is there a way to pick up this information and automatically add it to the file name? Again thanks, Paul aka PCR
  11. I am a trial user. Two dumb questions from a trial user. 1. I cannot figure out how to save a image that i worked on. 2. I use Lightroom and like to save images with a name that includes some of what is in the EXIF like the following: File name, ISO, Shutter, F stop, etc., etc. Is there a way to do this in Affinity Photo? My initial impression is very favorable and I will likely buy it and discontinue using Photoshop and Lightroom. I am a not a professional and cannot mess paying a subscription fee monthly for something I use casually. BTW, Can a single license be used on bo
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