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  1. Confirmed! Thank you, this works and I see I can undock the studio tools to move to the 2nd monitor. Nice work!
  2. Same issue Mac OS 10.14.6. Closing the other open documents fixes this but is not a preferred way of working only on one document at a time. Update: I am unable to work now as the font will not stay to what I changed it to and it also jumps around to Safari windows too. Please help and hurry!
  3. Here's a file. Try moving the type blocks around. Sticky. When I delete or hide the Mark Hennick object, moving these type blocks works fine. So it may have something to do with having many anchor points on an object that is visible. Maybe? Sample Lag Document 030520.afdesign
  4. Publisher is doing the same thing, slow moving objects. Maybe a font? or something? Doing a reboot, MacPro, Mojave, 32GB RAM.
  5. Same problem. Slow, slow moving simple objects around. Document with only one object selected, drag to move and the screen delay is huge. Using Publisher now until this is fixed. Thanks! Affinity-Designer-181.mov
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