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  1. sorry my fault, i'm running version 1.7.3, the 1.8.1 version have several bugs in important process for me! this only happens in the windows version, in de macos version works fine... tks
  2. Hello Guys, theres any way to have grids only visible in the artboards? It works perfect work with canvas... see the pictures below
  3. Yes you can, uninstall de last version on go again to the 1.7.3 version i did that too https://store.serif.com/en-us/update/macos/designer/1/
  4. thanks a lot i bought directly from affinity store Thanks for the support i will wait for that the team fix the bugs to upgrade again
  5. Where i can find the previous version 1.7, to install it again, the 1.8 have serveral errors on osx... Thanks
  6. This is a very important thing in a design program, and the affinity fails a lot in this operations, i've migrated from windows to osx and i don't like the coreldraw version for mac, but corel in this operations are very good, and i need this operations because i works a lot with vinil cut... i like affinity and i've bought the designer, but they need to improve this part to be a good software to work, not only to design, but to work with professionl cut machines like plotters or cnc...
  7. Hello! I've updated designer to the last version yesterday and when i drag objects along the artboard there's a huge delay moving the objects. in the beginning i thinked that's a wacom intuos problem, but i turn it off and tryed with mouse but is the same. I'm with and imac 2019 with 40Gb ram osx mojave!!! Theres a solution for that? where i can download previous version? it was stable for me. Thanks
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