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  1. the "free hand selection tool" Type "Poligon" doesn't work correctly, most of the time the start point disappers. (did test it with Apple pencil 1 and normal finger touch)
  2. today I discovered a weird bug with the share feature, it's realy easy to reproduce and a bit annoying if you have to work with this Function. video is pretty self explaining, if you have more questions just ask me. 1. crate a Projekt 2. create a rectangle 3. select it with the move tool 4. lock the width and height 5. use the shear function (tilt it as an example to 30) 6. try to make the now tilted rectangle bigger with the width slider 7. the height goes now up like crazy
  3. okay I made a backup of all my projects, and then I deleted all the big autosave files. after this I wasn't be able to open my Projekts agin. the only solution I have is deleting and reinstalling the app.
  4. im the winner :'D 140gb I figured out the folder "autosave" uses the most of the space the folder is located in /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/34AE077F-7347-48D7-AE5B-9A9628F480C6/Library/Application Support/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.ios  you can only access this folder over ssh (with jailbreak)
  5. I look into the file sytem of the app over ssh (with filza) and in the path /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/34AE077F-7347-48D7-AE5B-9A9628F480C6/Library/Application Support/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.ios is a folder named auto save that takes over 125gb of storage, do I need all of this Auto save data? I think I first backup all of my Projekts and then I try to delete all the auto save files. I tell you later if it worked or not
  6. is this normal for affinity Photo to take this much of storage? ipad pro 12,9 2gen, 256gb
  7. the video is quite self explaining, it is so hard to move stuff in the right folder. am I doing something wrong? or is this normal? ipad7.1 ios 11.3.1 app Version 1.6.9 A2866A5D-B388-4DC3-A009-9F618A1788B2.MOV
  8. in the video you can see I can't open or duplicate some of my old Projekts ipad7.1 ios 11.3.1 app Version 1.6.9 edit: I noticed I can't even save the projects to icloud, what should I do now? A8DB108C-88FE-44E4-BD4D-C967CA962D24.MOV
  9. if I want to move objects I have to zoom wery far in, in version 1.6.8 I didn't had this much problems with it watch video if you don't know what I mean with app Version 1.6.9 there are so much bugs (I upload more later) version 1.6.8 was way more stable and less bugs FB5D7213-04B5-4427-B6FD-C0BB940DB638.MOV
  10. I found a annoying bug in affinity photo. it can destroy important projects, I already found a temporary fix for it. hopefully its getting fixed soon
  11. im right now on ios 11.3 beta 6 (waiting for jailbreak) I was already on ios 11.4 but there it was 23gb too
  12. I already tried it, I deleted and disabled the backup and as I turned it back on it was again 23gb. last question, do I really need this backup? I save all my Projekts by myself that means I don't need this backup right?
  13. okay than here again this Screenshot, the right one is what is there and you cannot click here on affinity photo, you can just turn backup off or on
  14. yes but that is only the stuff were is on my iPad and not the cloud
  15. in settings > storage it only shows me that the app documents & data uses 23gb, but it doesn't show me what data it is. and in icloud drive are only my created folders and not the backups
  16. it is not Possible to set affinity photo as default photo app in ios.
  17. why needs affinity photo 23gb space on icloud? what does it save there? all my projects have together 3,7gb. do I really need the backup?
  18. I want to save my custom "courses" (I don't know if this is the correct word in English) because it's takes so long to make every time a new one. is there a way to save them in the iPad or windows version? (please with tutorial how to save them)
  19. What?? what game? and why should I update I have now the newest version, I don't need to update
  20. lol, i made it im still on ios 11.1.2 and installed the newest update, and everything works fine!!
  21. oh okay. I can't update because i have a jailbroaken ipad okay than, thanks for the information
  22. im still on the app Version 1.6.5 but how can I update? in the appstore is no update button, please help
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