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  1. stokerg,

    Do you know the best way to blend skin tones from head/face of one person that I am trying to but on another body?

    Thanks again


    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor


      Can you please ask general questions like this in the questions forum, where others can benefit from the answer, and perhaps you would get an answer quicker than from the support team. Many users of these forums have professional experience and are willing to help others. 

    2. BJP


      Yes I will.


  2. stokerg,

    Thanks for reply.  I think my problem resulted from the Background image.  It was an image from internet that was somewhat pixilated itself.  I cleaned it up with paint brushes.  When I layered my text over this background image I think it assumed its pixilation.  Not sure if that's correct or possible but I was able to use the same text in other project without a problem.

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