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  1. I'm not sure about this, I mean, Valve use Telemetry to get analytics. What is the problem with this? I mean, the whole community uses Steam, it is not a problem, if you are not interested in the software because the software need telemetry and you are pro security and confidentiality or something like that just don't use the software. In my case, I would use Affinity even if the product uses telemetry. Does the product need to be native? I don't think so, Wine did a great job with some help. For example Valve, they are not porting all games to Linux, just improve to Wine in Proton.
  2. @eaton11 @fdelaneau you can add the icons in SVG? I'm intereset in use in a project to create shortcuts of apps of Windows to Linux, is complicated explain. But I can use your icons?
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