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  1. I'm trying to resize an image using the document resize dialog and there seems to be a probem with the new sampling option. With the new sampling check selected: If I just change the PPP value with pixels selected as the units value the pixel values in the uper boxes are changed automatically. If I select units CM and then change de PPP value,(from 96 to 300) the CM values are not modified in the upper boxes, but after clicking OK in the dialog, I was expecting a file with the CM showed in the upper boxes and 300 DPI But the result is a 300DPI image with smaller height and widht values that the ones showed in the upper boxes of the change image size dialog. (No new sampling applied to the image)
  2. Tried the issue in the RC2 beta and still does the same thing. DPI video.mp4
  3. The problem did not happened when changing from 600DPI to 300DPI This is a follow up from the last post just splitted the post in 2 parts to avoid confusion. Image 1 original DPI 600 DPI (From the already modified file in the last post) Image 2 changed resolution form 600 to 300 and clicked change size button. Image 3 open again the Change document size window. Now the problem is not there. the CM values where respected.
  4. I do not know how to save video but I have attached 3 files with the problem. Image 1 Open document size window, original image DPI 300 DPI Image 2 changed resolution form 300 to 600 and clicked change size button. Image 3 open again the Change document size window. When I was trying to do this in my test I noticed that this did not happened in a blank document 30x30 cm. So I opened a random image and there was the problem. Also If I modify the DPI again from 600 to 300 DPI the CM value is now preserved. Will post the 600 to 300 DPI photos in another post to avoid confusion.
  5. Hi Gabriel, That is exactly the problem, the dialog is changing the CM values with out the user requesting this. I have the issue in CM but to make it easier I will take your example in Inches. I tried your example using the 1x1 inch value and it works fine, the resize is as you explained. but I took another file with other values and this is what happens, I changed the values to inches to make it easier to explain here. I have a document 19.29x10.237 inches at 300 dpi. I open the dialog and change the dpi to 600 dpi The final document is: 9.645x5.118inch 600dpi. As you explained I would have expected to have a 19.29x10.237 inch 600dpi file. Using 1x1 inch in my test does not make this strange size change. try with diferent file sizes. (Tested in version Beta 333)
  6. To me this looks more like a bug, I can't think of a single use of reseting the Fx when changing from Image to Pixel, Why would I work in the Fx of a photo just to lose everything when sharpening the image ? But if that's the way it works I can just rasterize all. thank you.
  7. Hi, I have a collage where the pictures are imported as image, if I apply the Border Efect to a picture, modify the radius and then use the unsharp mask filter, the photo is converted from image to pixels by the program but the radius value of the Border Efect is modified also, for some reason is set to the minumum value. I this the way it is suposed to work ?
  8. agnesim

    Bugs? New from Clipboard

    I have a photo croped to 30x30cm 300dpi, selected all, copy the image and then use new from clipboard. The result is a modified dpi image, now its 96 dpi 93.75x93.75 cm. why the new file is not 300 dpi ?
  9. agnesim

    Crop tool

    When using the crop tool with Absolute Dimensions the interface does something weird. I select CM in the drop down menu. I enter the width of the crop and hit enter (or TAB) to modify the height but for some reason the CM setting changes back to px before entering the height value.