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  1. Hi Owen. I followed and liked the post, now we are on the same boat.
  2. Hi Lee, thanks a lot. I didn't even noticed Pixel Persona before. After I set up the Pixel Persona brush. I could not find a way to apply it on a vector curve. Does it work that way? I'm not very skilled to draw nice curves by hand. I managed to made the effect with code in Processing (attached image). But to further customise the effect, it will take a lot more time to code and my code is not so optimised to run preview in real time. Thanks.
  3. Are there any settings to make brush not rotate with the curve in Affinity Designer? A demonstration image is attached. I made a brush with a texture image (1*1024 px). I would like the texture always stays vertical of the whole curve path. Is it possible to do that? Thanks.