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  1. I want to learn a little but of video game character modeling and design is it better to vector or to pixel....... opinions???

  2. finally ordered my copy of the Affinity Design Book. 

    exciting. hopefully it survives the trip over the pond. 



  3. So affinity world.... for those of you who do home printing. what do you look for in a home printer, I am in the market for a good wide format printer. that can print 11x17 maybe a smidge larger. but for sure has to be able to print on 80lbs weight paper. 


    Hopefully some of you has experience in this area. I have a few in mind but would mind hearing about some other models if anyone has a high quality laser print 

    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor

      This is a status area and not really designed for asking questions. Other forum users are unlikely to see this 

    2. Bri-Toon


      Except for followers like myself.


      I don't really have experience with printing, but I remember having a discussion of the difference between RGB, sRGB, and CMYK. Since I don't actually print, or for the rare times I do from a basic Canon, I actually work in sRGB. If I have to, I make a copy of CMYK, but it is good to have a copy of both. The different printers have different color values. I previously didn't understand why people do work in CMYK since I always found it to lack color, and then I realized it was unexplained to me in college that commercial printing is not the same as home printing. From one of the discussions here, it was explained that CMYK is good for "rotary press" printers, whereas printing the same file from a home printer would not have the same quality. So since you are looking for a printer for marketing purposes, I will "assume" rotary press is what you need.


      As it is obvious, I am not in the market. I use Affinity for personal use, but I am trying to move up to starting a business. As Patrick mentioned, it might be hard for people to catch this, but a new topic might give you more information.

    3. AndyPhotoSJ


      thanks guys....

      thought id start with  this than start a new post that may not get much in response lol 

  4. I'm thinking about trying my hand at a 3d art program. any suggestions?

  5. so #AffinityWorld, what kind of graphics tablet are you currently using. Im using a wacom intuos, its simple, easy to cary around, and does what i need for the time being. got my hearts set on a few other gadgets but I love this one non the less

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    2. Bri-Toon


      Well a while ago, I did try that, and I even had a support ticket open trying to resolve it. They told me that it looks like there was something wrong with the drivers and that Ugee isn't too compatible with Mac. They actually advised me to use Huion instead.

    3. AndyPhotoSJ


      Interesting good to know. I hear that brand is very good as well maybe one I should put on my wish list 

    4. Bri-Toon


      Definitely research it though. Because that is one thing I lacked when I got the Ugee, and those can be pricey options, you know. However, I spoke with an artist, and she says that Huion is a very good brand. So...I hope you find what you are looking for.

  6. one of the best feeling of when you finish a digital art project is when it comes out of the print. i love the print job. holding it in your hands make it so real. an d the detail is awesome



  7. So Affinity World. What resolution screen do you feel works best for Designer and Photo?

    I ask because I am in the market. 

    I guess what I am wondering is, am I getting the best out of designer with lets say my 13" retina screen


    or if I got a 32" HDTV capable of 4k would is make designing that much better?

    1. Bri-Toon


      Thank you for following. Right back at ya.

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