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  1. not sure if this is going to show to quality but either way..... loving the updates thanks much so worth the beta process. here is what im currently creating. Im starting with vectored images to produce examples images hopefully will turn into a full scale marketing project combining photography and affinity photo as my post production tool, love all the new brushes worth it's weight in gold for sure.
  2. Made sure I didnt already post these. All images were taken with a Canon 5DM4. This First Set was taken over mothers day. in Northern California by Discovery Bay. Sigma 70-200 sigma 24-105mm sigma 70-200 sigma 24-105 So 99.99% of the time I will never use an HDR filter too touch up my photography especially in commercial shoots like Realestate. buuuuuuut I gotta admit the tone mapping persona did a pretty good job here. so nicely. done Affinity team. My Client was very happy with the results, this home sold for $4.45million soo ya thats a feel good moment. all of these were done with Sigma 24-105 This was taken with the Sigma 70-200mm I used just the basic RAW editing profile for these images. All were taken by Sigma 24-105 this one belongs with the first real estate set.
  3. Canon 5d Mark IV / Sigma 24-105 F/4 / ISO 1600-3200 / Shutter 150-300 This image is a composition of two water drop splashes made into one. I call this one "Reflection of a Murder" Today I set out to look for unique reflections that can be created into a scene kept the edit on this image very simple did a little hue adjustment and adjusted the color balance. Canon 5d Mark IV / Sigma 24-105 F/4 / ISO 1600-3200 / Shutter 60-100
  4. Ok so I don't have the individual elements that took me hours to create this one graphic but i enjoy doing it. griffen new7480.mov it started as just a photo of my friend Griffen shinning a flash light towards me that gave me the halo to create the bubble force field, and dusted up the rocks on AFP and rendered the background to look more like the forest. funny part is we took this right next to Adobe HQ and the whole time I was thinking, how happy I am not paying a subscription lol. elements added was partical fog that, I pulled the plasma into AFD to create some brighter hues with the pink and turquoise. the wave you see on the bubble I re-colored on AFD to blend with white balance of the image and then just placed it back into My motion folder. hope that makes sense I'm not technically detailed when it comes to trying to explain these things.
  5. Here are some light edits I did on photo. Using BETA - I noticed it lags with images with high DPI.
  6. So I mentioned I entered my company into a marketing contest hosted by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. Well the results are in and they loved what the team designed and created for my 2019 campaign. Very happy and honored to have worked with bright and ready to go students. Here are some new photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks been busy but not work busy, just focus on my art busy.
  7. Took on a college team that had selected my business for a big ad campaign contest hosted by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. They have a been a stellar team so far I had to pretty much allow them create all my marketing as I do my business and create for other local small business out here. Yo the point some photos I took edited on Photo. Enjoy The contest goes for an entire year that gives us a 25k budget so yay free advertising ive actually convinced them to use affinity for their designs I wanna see how quickly they can pick up the program.
  8. I cut the recording about 5 minutes short. enjoy Untitled_Project-HD_720p.mov
  9. right on, good tip for the book I have not read it, I'll put it on my list of things to check out
  10. Just got some good word this morning. I sent the following photos for the band to review before I continued on. The band approved the creative direction and is curious to see what more I have to create. so now I get to keep going, and when completed they should have about 15-20 of the best photos, 1-2 photos from each scene. from there they will take the time to pick and choose what works for their album and which one is gonna be the cover. I gave them the full set of raws and told them to just shoot me the ones they would like to see edited so I know im giving them every option I can.. These 3 were a lovely bunch, with a very specific style old timey, Baroque Dark Ages as described by them music. e all just knew how to express and interpret. All I can really say is I dug deep into my inner Edgar Allen Poe and went nuts. Their described vision is suppose to be a timeless, over exposed, very beat up photo feel. They like the out of focus but still pretty kinda photo. so basically I messed up on purpose a lot and hoped for a cookie lol . They are local to San Jose, loved what I had to share with my portfolio and has asked me to cover a new set of photos for their Album cover and an editorial piece. here are some photos I can share now. as always edited on our favorite Photo Editing Program. HOPE YALL ENJOYED
  11. HELLO AFFINITY WORLD Sharing some photography I for The Improv Comedy Club in San Jose. The Club is housed in a historic building and has been doing comedy for longer than I've been alive so great honor to be asked to provide them some photography as well as do what photographers do best and that is document. It is said that the corporate office has decided to end its time in this great small stage, makes me feel even more special I may one of the last photographers to photograph the building as it is under the companies name. on this night OCULUS was having a convention and they hosted a Oculus networking party. The DJ utilized the VR gear to showcase how they programed a virtual DJ Construct that is reactive to input from the user. it actually was a cool thing to see. I've worked in the night club scene a long time and typically change is slow in the industry but this can be a viable option for those who perhaps are into gaming graphics and music. got tons of photos but here are a few i can share.
  12. yeah so interesting enough I think the first photo was kind of a unique affect actually done on AF. Photo. I used the black and white tool, because the grass was picking up more yellow when I adjusted it that affect happened naturally. I actually thought it was pretty cool and over dramatic made the grass look more like they were playing in sticks.
  13. the game was at a local elementary school here in San Jose
  14. Yesterday my nephews first soccer game my brother (his dad) had asked me to do the photography for his first game ever. I took this time to make a spread to show a few photography, editing styles. Used Our favorite program of course. His parents were very pleased, and was kind enough to allow me to show case a few photos on here. Enjoy.
  15. also im seeing if I can come up with a new logo for myself. here is the original being the last image... I Wassinspired but a group of chairs and table at a ball room. its a lot going on for a logo but I think I like the idea of just AP and get rid of everything else. I do like the way this image turned out, my thought immediately went to "Tea Party with the mad Hatter"interesting what the brain can pull out of its hat, other that or some joker, and Harley Quinn theme
  16. so when it comes to the ladies who have a big impact and influence on my life the two in the photo are it. we just took a seat after an award show. we are at the bar I once was general manager, now I run my own media and design company and on this day both Splash the Bar and myself "Andy Photo" received our award for top 25 Best LGBTQ owned and operated businesses of the Silicon Valley 2018 Presented by The SV Business Journal great time great honor. second photo is their legs crossed , noticed the symmetry. plus they sport some athletic legs hopefully it becomes one of those random iconic photos lol. the final photo is actually one I took in the morning after around 6am after I got off of another part time job I Have in the city. all photos were cropped and edited by . Affinity Photo. Enjoy
  17. I want to learn a little but of video game character modeling and design is it better to vector or to pixel....... opinions???

  18. didnt even notice it until you mentioned it. very cool thanks
  19. I keep thinking thats a giant robot in the distant cool photo
  20. Tryin out a few macro shots and long exposures and one new illustration I titled "Burning Desire" Enjoy Light Rail Burning Desire A Rock & A Hard Place Life Blossom Just A Flower Emerald Hall
  21. San Jose doesn't have a very amazing skyline I blame the airports proximity, no building over 23 stories or something like that so planes can obviously land. the second photo is of what is our "Central Park" Caesar Chavez always a good spot to take photos. A lot of my photos come out looking very Gotham. I like it, feels mysterious
  22. lol working on finishing it. its a lot of work for just one color haha, but we'll see how this plays out
  23. still working on the rest, funny to say ive never been able to create a proper depth of field when it comes to drawing. well thank to having insomnia I think I figured it out lol
  24. The purpose of this project was to manipulate the photograph using just the objects with in the photo, test my abilities to create another environment without using clipart so lots of cloning and smudging yada yada. haven't titled it yet but bubble boy kept popping in my head any particular reason why Designer does not have a CLONE or HEAL tool? would be nice so I don't have to bounce back and fourth having both programs running even on a new Mac burns through crazy memory.
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