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  1. I have tested all the plugins and can confirm that it works perfect with the beta. As I also have the official Apple store purchase I trust that the beta will eventually appear as an update so that I can delete the beta from my iMac. Thanks for the quick fix.
  2. Can anyone point me to a link of a video or text that explains how to install the DXO Nik 1 plugins in Affinity Photo 1.6 for the Mac? I have it installed on one of my computers but need to do it on another and cannot remember how I did it. I had some instructions I found on the web that were very good that I recall, advising to have the plugins folder on the desktop. I usually keep such documentation for future use. But unfortunately I do not appear to have kept a copy. Searching on the web now the only thing I can find are installation instructions for free Google Nik version.
  3. Russ

    ISO in metadata lost on export

    I woud like to be more specific now about the issue I have raised above in yesterday's posting as I have now watched some tutorials and discovered my issue in the raw editing tutorial. As the tutorial deals with a RAW image .ORF file from an Olympus OMD EM1 Mark 2 which is the same camera that I use, the issue is clear to point out. As you will see when opening the RAW image to work on, there appears at the top of the canvas towards the left of the screen the word 'RAW' on a white background along with the name of the camera, the type of lens, and then the ISO with a value of 0. Finally there is the f stop and the shutter speed. The lack of an ISO value is replicated in the Metadata Studio where there is not even the mention of an ISO. Yet in other examples I have seen the ISO value listed in the Metadata Studio. Please can someone explain what this apparent discrepancy means. I would also like clarification on this forum approach. Does it mean that support from Affinity Photo is not available except through this forum and that unless someone is interested in the same problem and has an explanation or solution, one remains unsupported and in the dark? Hardly satisfactory to my way of thinking. It is one thing figuring out how to do something in the software. It is quite another to have calrified the discrepancy I am highlighting. As I have said before, ISO value is such a basic and important detail, I would very much like to know why I am unable to see it listed. Apps a fraction of the price of Affinity Photo list it. I would expect a professional processing app of this price to do the same. I need to know what is going on.
  4. Russ

    ISO in metadata lost on export

    I have just purchased this app and have noticed that the iso setting does not appear in any of the metada listings. I have not a clue how you turn the metadata prefs on or off as is indicated in this discussion. However I am somewhat alarmed that an app that costs £20 is unable to list something as basic as the iso setting at which the image was set. I trust someone from Affinity will respond here.