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  1. Joe325

    Nik plugin updating fonts

    Not all of Nik plugins work alone. Besides, you would like to use the plug in and return to the software. That's why they are plugins. I think this falls on Sarif, since the plugins worked in version 1.6 as some people have stated.
  2. When I close Affinity photo the Macs and library panels remain on the screen. Is that supposed to happen?
  3. MEB, I was able to log in with a separate email address and tried it again. Now they downloaded to my Download Folder and I see them. Thank you.
  4. MEB, I did that but I can't find where the macros are and when I tried to do it again it reads that my email is already registered
  5. I recently purchased Affinity 1.5 for the MAC and went to get the Free Macro Pack, but I can't find where it downloaded to. It's not in my download folder where normally everything goes. Can I download it again? Or can you point me to where it loads on my MAC?
  6. Recently picked up a copy of Affinity photo and though much of the program works like photoshop and was easy to switch to, I found some short cut keys missing which I feel are very important. There are no short cut keys for changing the foreground and background colors to Black and White (Photoshop has the letter D) and there is no short cut for reverting back to the original image (Photoshop has the '\' key).