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  1. KLC1945

    Cannot EXIT Affinity Photo

    Just read another post in the Designer forum, and somehow that clicked for me! I found the culprit file, deleted it, and all worked like a charm. I will try to attach the temp file for your perusal. Ken .ae0a71d
  2. KLC1945

    Cannot EXIT Affinity Photo

    Mark, Did as you recommended, but still have the exact same issue - with exactly the same message. Am trying not to get frustrated, as I am really excited about Affinity, but wish I could find the real path to being able to use the really useful DxO NIK Collection as a plugin.
  3. KLC1945

    Cannot EXIT Affinity Photo

    Tegi, I have looked through all the folders/files I can think of to find the location of the temp file you mention. I have had no success - perhaps you can expand your explanation to guide me to the correct location. Per another suggestion I go on this forum, I upgrade my Affinity version to 1.6.5 - but still faced the same problem. Hoping you can be of assistance.
  4. KLC1945

    Cannot EXIT Affinity Photo

    Thinking about it...but had some issues with the installation process when I tried earlier. Will most likely do another attempt.
  5. KLC1945

    Cannot EXIT Affinity Photo

    Whenever I finish a session and want to exit, I get a notice that says: QUITTING At least one file is currently being opened. Please wait for files to load before quitting the application. In order to close the program, I have had to use CTRL-ALT-DEL [Task Manager] and choose End Task. I have uninstalled/reinstalled Affinity at least 3 times, hoping that a clean install might resolve my problem. I am using version I am attempting to load the DxO 2018 NIK Collection, and one of the steps requires a RESTART after a change in Preferences. It is at that point I get the notice about the problem with QUITTING.