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  1. BkkGreg is very right. I am trying to use Affinity Photo for two years plus did a thorough online course, but Affinity Photo is letting me down time and time again. One of the hundreds of little problemes I have is the following. I use the freehand selection tool on a rasterised layer. Deleting the selection doesn't work, nothing happend when I press delete. After ten minutes of trying to solve this problem I use the Rectangular Marquee tool and press delete. The selection is deleted. How is this possible? And how is it possible that Affinity still doesn't have the selection-option "select similar"? I am afraid I have to go back to the, in my opinion, totally corrupted Adobe company to return to Photoshop.
  2. Davidholland

    freehand selection tool unusable

    Dear Eyesight, my only solution is to press the spacebar. The tool will switch back from hand to lasso tool! By the way, I am almost ready to switch back to that awful firm called Adobe (greedy extortionists), because their Photoshop has way less bugs that Affinity Photo. I hate to do it, but Affinity costs me so much time, despite finishing a very long course. Cheers, David.
  3. I have a problem with the freehand selection tool (lasso tool). When I have selected a certain area and release the mouse button, my cursor suddenly has the "hand" shape, instead of the "cross" shape. So I cannot proceed in adding (by pressing CTR) more areas to my selection. When I restart Affinity and press the freehand selection tool, the "cross" cursor is back. But after a few minutes the problem starts again. What I also found was that when, after releasing the mousebutton and losing the possibility of adding a selection (because the handtool popped up), I went back to the tool bar and pressed the selection button that contains five tools, one of which is the freehand selection tool. Subsequently I chose the rectangular marquee tool and all of a sudden the "hand" cursor was back. And I was able to add to my selection. When I tried to go back to the freehand selection tool, the "hand" popped up again and I couldn't add anything anymore. I hope I made a shamefull mistake. Otherwise this is a crucial bug. Could you please help me?