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    nicelife got a reaction from Pixlers in node base non destructive image editing features like nuke and resolve   
    Second that. That would be a real improvement how to work with images. As much as I love what affinity serif is pulling of here the UI and basic concept of the "photoshop" workflow didn't change with Affinity Photo. It just looks like a photoshop clone. Which is a good thing to bring over all the old school photoshoppers but lacks improving the user experience. 
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    nicelife got a reaction from anon1 in Panorama Feature   
    What I am really missing is full RAW support. At the moment the stitched version is down sampled to 8bit. So all data is lost and doing grading afterwards is almost pointless.
    Also I am missing drag'n drop to add images.
    Nevertheless it is great improvement and I really like how the edit masks is implemented to fix issues in the panorama.
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    nicelife got a reaction from MikeFromMesa in Just a shout-out   
    I played around with the inpaint brush and it is amazing! It really killed all the people which I didn't want in the image. Works really well and it is fun to use!

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