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  1. Never mind, I found it in the export persona.
  2. Thanks Sean, That could help - at least I could create my new artboards that way. However, I am not able to find this option. I am in the Draw persona, and I have selected my artboard in the layers panel. As much as I looked, I can't find it neither in the layer panel itself (I hovered on all buttons, and also right-clicked), the 2 main top panels, nor the menus. Am I missing anything?
  3. I just also noticed that, as I move an artboard around, the associated slice will not move along anymore. This is a pity, that feature was really useful, as far as I'm concerned.
  4. Please bring it back Sean... That change makes me sad.
  5. Hi Sean P I tried to reproduce it, but I am not sure why: the behaviour on artboard duplicated seemed to change recently (I upgraded from 1.5.5 to 1.6 last week). Before, I remember distinctly that when I duplicated and renamed an artboard in the Draw persona, I didn't have to create a new slice for it in the export persona: a slice would be created eventually ready for me to export. In my recent test using 1.6, I duplicated and renamed an artboard, and I couldn't see any slice created for it. I am really confused, and my best guess would be that this behaviour changed between 1.5.5 and 1.6, but can't say for sure.
  6. Thanks all for your updates. I have a few options to work on now. However I really feel Serif should do something, either: 1. Detect that an image has been added multiple times, and point to the same embedded asset instead of duplicating it. 2. Add an option to compress images (even Pow*****nt has it!) 3. Add the possibility to link images instead of embedding them. The options proposed on this thread could help a little, but they're far from being seamless in terms of workflow. And applying them manually on an existing design is going to be painful.
  7. Hi all, I have frequent crashes (a few times a week) on AD. This afternoon, it happened as I was copy-pasting an artboard to duplicate it. Here's the crash report. My design file is quite big (3 GiB), I don't know if that could be the cause. EDIT: It just happened again. That time, I could recognize distinctly that it happened as I was moving around an artboard (I was still holding down my mouse). Any idea where this can come from? affinity_designer_crash.txt
  8. Is there an option to compress pictures in Affinity Designer? I have a design that contains many images. The total size of my image assets on my hard drive is 500 MiB. Some images are duplicated multiple times in my design. Overall the design file is occupying 3 GiB on my hard disk. I suspect this may be the cause of some AD crashes, and I fear that a file that big may not be sustainable in the long-term as my design evolves.
  9. Hello, I have an issue where the export persona slice export "Continuous" option is automatically unticked without apparent reason. Some context: I have an Affinity Designer file composed of many artboards. I would like to export all the artboards automatically when I save (so that I can regularly drag-top the generated .png files to Invision). In the export persona, "Slices" toolbox, I have exported the slices, and ticked the "Continuous" option. However, I regularly notice that the .png files stop being generated. Every time, I see the "Continuous" option has been disabled. So regularly, I need to re-export manually, and then tick the "Continuous" option again. I haven't tried to isolate the problem, but I suspect it may be related to the creation of new artboards (I typically copy paste existing artboards to create a new one, then rename one of the copies). Not sure if that's the actual reason, though. AmapThom
  10. I have just purchased Affinity Designer for Mac this morning. Great tool overall. It's still a bit a pain to upload .png files manually to Invision, but I'm betting that you will find a solution soon.

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