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  1. Hi, thank you for your answers and updates. There is still a problem why I have to use my old InDesign version for this projects. But that´s OK. I'm still looking forward to the release of Affinity Publisher and the 1.7 versions of Designer & Photo.
  2. Hi, it would be very helpful to get a PDF/X-3:2002 (1.3) export option. Like it is still available in InDesign CC. When working with small printing (also large ones) companies they often support / prefer this old standard. Because if the transparencies are flatten they have less problems. Yes, they want to use their "old" software. In the ever-shrinking print world they have problems out of the costs. A Software update would not pay off for a very long periond of time. I don´t need this type of PFD files very often, but with my last two projects I have had exactly this problem. Searching the internet it also turns up very often. Also here in another topic: Would be nice to see this option in on of the upcoming updates. Best, Thomas
  3. Hi fde101. That´s what I mean
  4. Hi William. When exporting as PDF. I think it would be a nice option that the several pages of a document can be saved as individual PDf files during export. Page 1 as page_1.pdf, page 2 as page_2.pdf, ... Best, Thomas
  5. Would be a nice feature having the abbility to save all spreads as single PDF files. Publisher is great :o) Best, Thomas
  6. Hi Chris, for exported pages, the bleed is added only on the first page.