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  1. thanks stokerg - I tried that before and thought it wasn't working but you are right, that is what I was looking for. Fantastic! thanks again, greg
  2. Hi, I am coming from Photoshop CC and looking at Affinity. So far so good but some of the RAW features I use in PS are missing. For example the haze filter in PS is used when editing RAW which is very handy. In Affinity it seems I can only apply a haze filter as a destructive filter after developing the RAW image. This means I can't go back to the RAW and edit whilst seeing the haze filter in action - or at least I can't find a workflow that allows for that. Is there one? Also RAW in Affinity does not seem to have as many parameters - in the Details section in particular. Are there improvements in RAW editing planned for the near future? thanks for any help - I will not be at all surprised if my queries are due to a lack of experience with Affinity. And to end I would like to say how great the tutorial material is and how impressed I am with Affinity overall GregH

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