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  1. I would love it if we could set artboards to automatically update sequential order. When I'm sandboxing a design I will often copy an artboard to make an alternate design. Right now I'm stuck with 20 "Artboard 1" artboards, and it would be great if there was a way the number could update when I copy the artboard (Artboard 1, Artboard 2, Artboard 3, etc.) It would be even better if I could set the name of the first artboard and have this happen. For example matchstick_001 turns into matchstick_002, matchstick_003, matchstick_004.
  2. DSignUrr

    Artboard Phantom Pixels

    That solved it! Thanks! That was driving me batty.
  3. I've got an odd problem. I have a document with 9 artboards, all 1080x1080. I made the first one from a 1080x1080 square, and then cloned this artboard and edited the contents for all the others. When I go to export, I'm getting the size 1081x1080 for 2 boards and 1081x1081 for the other 7. I've gone back into the Draw persona and checked each of the artboard sizes and they're all 1080x1080. I even went one by one and re-entered this dimension into the Transform window. Still, when I go to export I've got these random 1081 dimensions? Any ideas?