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  1. Yes, Patrick, you did, and they are correct. It appears that in between looking at them and them moving over to Affinity to implement them I both forgot what I had read and was misled by what appeared to be a logical pane to select to work with macros. My mistake for that error but it still appears highly unintuitive to have to remember not to import macros in the Macros pane and instead to have to click on an ambiguous icon in Library. I'm not trying to be awkward, only wanting to pass back feedback that might help other users in the future.
  2. Err, thanks - that did it! So, you cannot import macros in the Macros pane, but you can install a macro there, whereas macros can only be imported from the Library pane - I'm confused! I must be missing some logic of semantics regarding the difference between a macro and macros - sorry;-) My concept of logical procedures in attempting an import is clearly very wrong... Could this process perhaps be more intuitive than it currently is, for me at least?
  3. There appears to be an error version 1.6 on windows. When trying to import these free macros the window is filtering for *.afmacro extensions, but the ones in the zip folder are *.afmacros. OK, I thought, simple - remove the 's' from the extension. That allows the files to be visible but importing them has no impact. Presumably, Affinity is still requiring them to be *.afmacros even if the browser window does not. I think an urgent update is needed to re-enable importation of correctly formatted macro files.
  4. Hi Men, thanks. Is it possible for you to allow people to sign up for email notification, specific to this book being released? That would be the most reliable method, especially if you announce the list being set up via your current email distribution list.
  5. Hi, first post here but I'm also interested in the Photo Workbook, once ready (having received an email today with the offer for the Designer book but that I don't have a need for...). My suggestion is that it would be a good idea to send out an email inviting people to register for notification at the time when the Photo book approaches publication. That'd save me needing to keep searching this forum occasionally for news!