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    JamesDavis713 reacted to David Ara in Font warping in Affinity Designer   
    Hey Folks 
    How can i warp a text in affinity designer .
    Comon apple one simple and fundamental feature like this is missing and everyone asks about it for 2 years now .
    even corel draw used to have it 15 years ago .
    I wanna warp a text create a flag I am not even talking about those complex features that Illustrator offers .
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    JamesDavis713 reacted to tjlxndr in WARPING text?   
    Thanks for the quick reply. So, far the app has been great, this is the only feature I have encountered that will end up forcing me to stay with Illustrator. But, I will check back eagerly for when it's implemented.
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    JamesDavis713 reacted to Sean P in blacks keep changing to a faded black   
    Unfortunately without really knowing what you're doing there isn't much I can really suggest. However as soon as it happens take a look at your history entries - you should be able to tell by the last entry or two what you've done. Next time it happens would you be able to reply to this thread with a full screenshot showing your document and the contents of your history panel please?
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    JamesDavis713 reacted to MEB in where is the skew feature?   
    Hi James,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    You can skew an object on canvas approaching the middle bounding box handles from outside until the cursor changes to two opposite arrows then click and drag or use the Transform panel S field.
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