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  1. why cant i save the stroke pressure profile in the application and not just the document?
  2. JamesDavis713

    blacks keep changing to a faded black

    this used to be black.......now its off black used to be black.afdesign
  3. JamesDavis713

    blacks keep changing to a faded black

    designer .......and i never really notice when it actually happens
  4. i keep having to go back and change my blacks back to pure black.....for some reason they keep changing to a faded out black
  5. JamesDavis713

    where is the skew feature?

    WOH!! THERE IT IS!! how did i miss that? thankyou VERY much!!
  6. im wondering why i cant seem to find the skew feature... im sure its got be in here somewhere.....freehand, corel, and illustrator all had this standard function more than 20 years ago....

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