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  1. kervanoel

    AP automatic lens correction

    Thank you for your answer. With canon DDP4 I convert my CR3 to TIFF. All is working well with AP (not beta) But I have not seen the automatic correction for 15-45mm canon Lens.(is it automatically apply) or we must correct by ourself?
  2. Canon EOS M50. Canon EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 STM I have not seen automatic correction in AP or Beta AP Is this a bug or am I using AP not correctly? If not is there a mean to enter this correcting parameters? Thanks for your answer.
  3. kervanoel

    DNG and Affinity

    Hi Dan, All is ok now with my dng either CR3 inside DNG or not Here the result Thanks a lot
  4. kervanoel

    DNG and Affinity

    here is 4456 dng without CR3 IMG_4456_sans_image.dng
  5. kervanoel

    DNG and Affinity

    I convert IMG4456 in dmg without incorporating CR3. AP read DNG but Image is broken MacBook Pro retina 13 pouces 2015 Mojave 10.14.1. Thanks for help
  6. There is a bug concerning DNG reading in affinity. I convert CR3 in DNG with DNG convert 11.0 When I read DNG with Affinity picture is not correct IMG_4456.dng
  7. I am waiting for CR3. In the meantime I convert my CR3 to dng with DNG converter V11.0 and there is a problem in Affinity (Picture is divided into blocks)when seeing it. I am waiting For CR3 or DNG good converter. IMG_4456.dng
  8. When have you a release to support CR3 and CCR3 from Canon with geotags informations. Here is picture with geotag. My Best reds IMG_1413.CR3
  9. I have Canon M50 It is impossible to develop new RAW format CR3 and CR3 compressed on Affinity. Will be an update? IMG_0010.CR3

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