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  1. > stroke cap style to butt or square This is a great tip. The lines are only an intermediate step, but the small test section I'm working on has 1200+ triangles... reducing the number of points makes the expand/punch much faster.
  2. Mate - Add New Curve to Selected Curves Object is exactly what I needed, but I never would have thought to try it. You were so quick I missed it on my first view of your demo, and I was thinking "How are they leaving the ends of the paths open like that?". That's life-changing - many, many thanks! Also, bonus points for your example: I had to double check we weren't tracing the same building!
  3. I discovered this while trying to align individual nodes on multiple paths today. The simplest case to reproduce is as follows: Draw 3 overlapping paths with three 'sharp' nodes each: Start, (approx) middle and end. Using the Node tool, select the middle nodes of each path Choose Align Horizontally: Center and Align Vertically: Center Observe the center points. Depending on the starting positions of the nodes, they may now be curved instead of sharp, and oddly curved when viewed up close. In this case, I would expect the nodes to stay the same type (sharp to stay sharp, curved to stay curved). The strange curved behaviour seen in panel 3 attached seems especially wrong though, and currently means I can't use the align tool for this job. Let me know if I can provide any more info. Thanks!
  4. Wow - I hadn't even seen those grid options - there's a lot to look at there! I've only been looking at the snapping manager until now, thanks! I don't think it will help in my case because the angles and spacing of the grid aren't ever uniform - it's not really a 'grid' at all. I really just need a common snapping point for three separate lines, but using a small object gives 4 or more snapping points at the bounding box edges. > there is no way to make a single node point, it would have to be a very small ellipse. I've been experimenting with this - I think if I could set the snapping to 'snap to bounding box mid points' _without_ enabling 'snap to object bounding boxes', that would work. Makes sense that that's not an option though. My latest plan was to place the small ellipses, snap lines to them, then go and select each group of 3 nodes directly and 'align center' them. This I think has uncovered a bug (or at least some unexpected behaviour) in AD. though - aligning nodes can convert them from sharp points to curves, and do strange things to those curves, so that the previously sharp corner becomes a tiny loop. I might raise that as a bug separately, because that definitely doesn't seem right. That said, I concede I am doing something a bit weird, so it's no surprises I'm running into obscure limitations here and there! Thanks again for your help.
  5. Is it possible to draw a single point in AD? As in, a single point, not attached to a path? Or is there another way to create an object to snap to that is a single point only - perhaps a small circle and snapping to its centre? I have a complex drawing of a building to create, and need to align many irregular points into a triangular 'grid'. Because the grid is 'wrapped' onto the building, the triangles are not a uniform size or shape. It is critical for my project that they are actually triangles (3 points only, though the sides can be curved). My first attempt was to draw in the lines across the whole building and then use their (expanded) stroke to 'punch' out the triangles. This worked visually, but any inaccuracy in the meeting points of the lines created 'clipped corners' on the main triangles, and small triangles in the joins. After a few attempts, I think an approach could be to mark the intersection points on the grid, and then use those to snap the points along the lines, to ensure they cross accurately. This seems easy enough, except I can't think of a way to create a single snapping point that's not on a path. Lastly, I need to place many hundreds (maybe thousands!) of these points manually, so a solution would need to be reasonably streamlined to be practical. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey Chris, Sorry it's been a few days getting back to you. I had thought of the 'crop to contents' thing as well, but I don't think that's the case (and anyway, I wouldn't think exporting a slice would work like that, otherwise a slice would always have content hard up against each edge. I've attached the case that is demonstrating the problem, as well as one that doesn't show it. For the 'working' example, I just created a 100x100px document, put a circle in the middle, then pasted in the contents of the 'non-working' file, just in case it was something particular about that path. I've found a workaround for my current situation for now, but let me know what you find! Cheers, Ben svg-export-incorrect-dimensions.afdesign svg export - correct dimensions.afdesign svg-export-incorrect-dimensions.svg svg export - correct dimensions.svg
  7. This might just be missing something, but I'm out of ideas. I've used AD's SVG export before, and not found this problem. AD 1.5.5 on MacOS 10.12.5 I have a document with a few lines of text on it, on which I've drawn some export slices and set them up to export to SVG (one slice per line of text). The slices are on the pixel grid, and a whole number of pixels in width/height. When I export, the resulting SVG has dimensions set smaller than the slice - though the full image is in the file, just shrunk. As an example, my first slice is 150x30px, but the SVG exported is 113x23px. I get the same wrong dimensions whether I use the viewbox or the width/height for the export. If I change the slice size, the resulting SVG's dimensions change, but they're always smaller by some amount. The effect is as if the export was scaled down from the original size. I've attached a screengrab from AD showing the correct dimensions, and the SVG showing the wrong dimensions. Let me know if I can provide any other detail. Thanks!
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