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  1. Hi, Thanks for the prompt replies. I will install the brushes on my desktop version as well. Yes the brushes work very well with my Apple pencil on my IPAD.
  2. Hi, I have downloaded the up-date and installed the "freebees". They are great. A quick question, I have the desktop version of Photo as well (windows version), Can I use these "freebees on the desktop version as well?
  3. Hi I have uninstalled the programme and reinstalled it. I can now see everything I should. I will have to reinstall my macros etc but it now works as it should do. Thanks for everyone’s thoughts
  4. Hi I have attached a screen shot of the top left portion of the Tone Map Screen as requested, which does not show any presets. I believe I have 2 display issues though they may be connected in some way. Yes the earlier screen shot is as stated WHILST I WAS USING THE ADJUSTMENTS PANEL using Brightness/Contrast and I should be able to see a range of thumbnail options - not just the default.
  5. Hi, In the tone mapping Persona and the Presets is already ticked in the View / Studio and no presets are shown just blank left had section. Also as stated earlier when in the Adjustments Panel and picking Brightness/Contrast just the default imager shown - no other thumbnails.
  6. Have tried this and still have the same problem. Should I uninstall and download again?
  7. I have uploaded a screenshot + can't see any pre-sets when trying to use tone map persona. Is my programme corrupt? How can I resolve this?
  8. I had a problem with the last Photo up-date and couldn't open the programme. A solution was provided that seems to have worked fine see below:-- However, working through the new Workbook it appears that I cannot see any thumbnails (adjustments panel) other than the default. Tried "Brightness/Contrast" and "HSL Adjust" both only show the default JPEG image and no other thumbnails. I have the Windows version running Windows 7 Home premium. Any suggestions on how to rectify this issue? I also cannot see any pre-sets when Tone Mapping. Is my programme corrupted in any way?
  9. Hi, I have Affinity Photo version for Windows and working through the Photo Workbook on page 98 "Adjustments" it states "On the Adjustments Panel, go to Brightness/Contrast and select the lighter thumbnail. I only can see the default image and no other thumbnails. Is this a windows version issue or do I need to turn something on in the background?
  10. Have just downloaded Affinity Photo and now cannot open it. It just crashes every time I Try to Open the programme. Message as below:- What should I do? Affinity crash.doc
  11. When will the Affinity Photo Workbook be available (it apppears on the Amazon website, though unavailable)? Also will it be available from the Affinity site via my account?
  12. Hi Krist, I have the all photos in Apple Photos and can see the modified pictures against their original dates. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi I to can,t save modified photos to my iPad Pro. The export share>save> image doesn't go to the iPad photos app. It appears to only go to the cloud. I would like to show friends my modified photos on my iPad.
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