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  1. Click on the post and view Patrick's reply. He gives a timeline of sorts as to when we'll have this feature (tied to a release number, not a specific date).
  2. Dangit. Searched for the exact same thing, found this thread. @coolphoenix what's the link to your feature request? I'll add my support. I suspect we won't get it, though, as that's surely a feature for Af Publisher :'( /edit oh wow, didn't spot that the original request was in 2014
  3. I'm informed by Callum that this isn't possible and should be requested here: I'd like to be able to see all gridlines on all art boards within one document. At the moment, grid lines only show on the art board you've got selected. This would be handy for quickly eyeballing dimensions and alignment across artboards. I imagine this would be implemented as a preference, rather than a permanent feature for all users. Ta!
  4. Thanks for the welcome. Thought I'd better ask if it was possible before spamming feature requests. I'll add it there.
  5. In Designer, grid lines seem to only show on the art board you've got selected. If you've got multiple art boards within one doc, is it possible for all of them to display grid lines, all the time?
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