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  1. I did know they were not supported by the system, that's why I mentioned the Finder angle - but I was hoping you could add in a module to specifically load Linear DNG files, so you could fully support DNG (for all other cameras that produce files in that format). However one aspect of strangeness to this is that I can see the photo previews just find in the iCloud image picker (on iOS11) that led me to wonder if there was some limited system support that Affinity is not making use of. The other apps I used were not even Lightroom so some other apps are supporting this
  2. There is a way to limit the set more if you select the top bar. But way more useful than Search would be a way to see most commonly used filters and adjustments, which I think is covered in some other requests... I would much rather see that than search in terms of priority.
  3. Hi, I have a camera that produces DNG files (Sigma SD Quattro, and DP Quattro 0 camera). These seem to load into a number of other iPad apps OK, but in Affinity although I can see the preview when I'm selecting DNG files from iCloud, when they load into Affinity Photo they are just all black. The thing about the DNG files that I think is causing issues, is they are linear DNG files - OS X does not seem to handle these form of DNS files well either, as they are also all black in the Finder preview. I was hoping you could somehow alter the code to load in these images t
  4. That's a pretty broad request - here's a few things I would like to see from machine learning additions that make sense to me: 1) Selection of objects, so I could select a person and every part of them (and only them) would have a selection made, that I could then refine - with the ability to select or select individual people (MBD mentioned this but I thought I'd refine). 2) A kind of Auto-Color that worked by making the colors "right" not just through a simple algorithm balancing out poor channels (not sure what Auto-Color in AF really does, perhaps that?)
  5. The key to making it usable is that you do not use Affinity Photo for browsing, you use something else to make selections - then you are working with a reduced set. Opening up the photos from iCloud is a little slow but not that slow. It would be nice to tell Affinity Photo "I'm editing this iCloud Folder" and have a way to traverse all images in that folder, though I still don't think it would make for a great review tool.
  6. After really getting into using the iPad for editing over the last week, I have come up with a few things that I think would really help improve the speed of general workflow: 1) One powerful tool in the tutorial videos takes a number of steps, and are thus kind of cumbersome - it's creating the non-destructive dodge/burn layer. You have to create a new pixel layer, fill it to 50%, set the blend mode to overlay, then finally you can dodge/burn on that layer. So why not have another option in the "+" menu for layers, where instead of adding a pixel layer you can "add neutral overl
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