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  1. I see, thank you for replying. It is the color of a logo. The other part is a printing team. They want this color no. Any way to work around it? 😃
  2. Dear Support, I have set both my affinity designer and adobe with the same color profile which is U.S Web Coated (SWOP) v.2. However for a certain color which is #86d2da the CMYK values are different on Affinity and Adobe. This cause me problem when I export the file. Since the other party is using Adobe products. Kindly advice. Thank you E.
  3. Hi MEB, I do hope it is an oversight. WIll there be any clarification soon? Without it, my PDF is huge Btw, on unimportant note, I am a girl. haha.
  4. Hi Support, May I ask, whether Allow advanced features when exporting to PDF is gone in Affinity Designer 1.7.2? I thought I saw this version a couple days ago? and now it is gone? Thank you Regards, Ariyani
  5. okay noted. thank you for the warning. so basically I just need to tell the designer, that I found a bug in his font which is "correct contour directions" must be ticked (currently it is not) do i understand it correctly?
  6. errr how do i set it correctly? can i do it my self for me before letting the font designer know?
  7. yes, it works using text as curves during export. yes i am glad there is a work around. pheeewww
  8. i used text as curves upon export and it works for me. interesting.........
  9. i tried these followings: 1. using streetlight standard ligatures with the background image --> same issue 2. using streetlight standard ligatures with a solid filled rectangle --> same issue motherslove4.pdf
  10. converting to curves does solve the problem, but i prefer to keep it as font if possible
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