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  1. Hi I'd like a feature to preview several LUTs against an image quickly or flick through all the LUTs in a folder to see which works best. Going in and out to try different LUTs is too slow. Thanks Andy
  2. Sure - thanks, here goes. a03773e2-4feb-4787-ac74-c7e45f3a4772.dmp 5f2e139c-e73c-4c5b-bafd-6e7a08786cd3.dmp 702b4350-50c0-4359-98be-abf48bb00941.dmp
  3. Hi. Not sure if it's just me. Since I updated Affinity Photo to I've experienced frequent Photo application crashes. My machine is an up to date Win 10 64 bit build with 16GB RAM. Typically Photo crashes within about five minutes and sometimes it's autosaved my work. Is this just me :) Cheers Andy
  4. Hi I'm using Photo on Windows. A few times I open a photo from Lightroom (exported as a TIFF) and immediately add a new live filter perspective layer. I move the corners around and Photo exits with no warning. Windows 10 64bit with 16GB RAM. Thanks Andy
  5. Thanks everyone. That makes a lot of sense. I'm new to Affinity and had found ways of organising brushes but not found anything for backgrounds or skies. Cheers.
  6. Hi How is it best to organise resource images in Photo? For example skies for sky replacement. At the moment they live in a Windows folder but it's not a very smart solution. Any suggestions welcome. thanks andy
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