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  1. No answer about this? It seems like a very strange oversight.
  2. Im wondering why we dont have a bloat tool in the liquify persona? There is an icon that looks just like bloat but is actually the liquify mesh clone tool. Am I missing something obvious? It seems like a very strange tool to miss out.
  3. skippy75

    Linux. Seriously now.

    Be much better off perfecting a windows version first. Linux will never be huge and they are not known to be big spenders.
  4. Not a deal breaker for me but it is something I would like to see as well
  5. Thanks! I was so blinded by looking for it in the right click menu i didn't notice it staring at me from the top bar
  6. I'm loving affinity photo for the most part but I'm struggling to find out how I convert a pen path to a selection. Does anyone know?