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  1. So far, Affinity Photo for iPad has been a revelation. I'm a longtime Photoshop user and I am now able to perform image operations on my iPad Pro with iCloud Photo Library that I could only previously perform on my Mac. That said, the learning curve has been painful - things I could do blind folded with Photoshop have required a lot of exploration in Photo to find the same or equivalent function. A tutorial about moving from Photoshop (desktop version) to Photo for iPad would be super useful. A couple things on Photo (iPad) that took a long time to figure out: 1. resizing the canvas (done) 2. free transform of pictures added to new layers (mostly figured out, but wondering if I can crop a photo in a layer without affecting the total document and also wondering if there is a simple rotate left/right of the added layer without using the super touch rotation lever which is difficult to hit exactly 90 degrees, etc) 3. text tools (partially figured out, but wondering how to change colors of text - also highlighting previously inserted text is difficult to see) 4. layer styles (I see there are many layer style controls, but how about drop shadow?) 5. A previous comment mentioned rulers - I didn't realize there were no rulers, but was planning on using them until I read the reply Most of my comments/requests stem from my usage of Photoshop to produce collages of photos from postcard size up to poster size (where precise dimensions and high resolutions matter). Despite the bumps along the way, I am amazed at how well Photo for iPad has been working and hoping there are no major show stoppers in finishing my first project.

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