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  1. How do I unassign on mac? Also tried importing, but CP doesn't recognize the file.
  2. Yes, I tried to do it directly and through the settings of the brush library. I've Corel Painter 2015
  3. I suggest using airbrushes and "manual" blending (the method where you over lay 2 colors get the mid-tone and do that again with the mid-tone until satisfied) rather than the mix tool. I prefer that because it gives me some space to play around... Also if you just need a transition try using gradients instead of smudging everything by hand.
  4. As far as I searched the web when I was looking for a tablet, I found that Affinity supports Wacom. (but I don't know so much in detail since my tablet doesn't have the extra features)
  5. I use Affinity Photo for photo retouch and Corel Painter for digital art. I downloaded some custom brushes from the web, they are in .abr format, but my computer only allows them to be opened in Affinity Photo, Corel just doesn't recognize them any more. What should I do? How do I fix this? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  6. There is a selesction Tool tonal selection under Select section and I suggest selecting Shadows (it will select all the black from the text) and Introverting it or you can just select midtones and correcting the selection if it's incorect. Then just make a new layer and Bucket Fill it all white.
  7. I suggest to draw a circle with cirle drawing tool and duplicate it as many times as you need and then connect them in a spiraly way
  8. I've been doing digital art for a while now (no really long one) and I've been drawing in Affinity Photo comparing to Krita I liked it way better. But can someone explain is Affinity Designer worth the switch and why?
  9. Sure... Here a quick doodle. What I mean is I just need to resize the creature... There are 4 layers background lineart, lineart of the creature and 2 sketch layers Untitled.afphoto
  10. I draw in Affinity Photo and I've seen people draw and resize the lineart on YT. I just can't figure it out... Please give me a hand so I don't have to undo or erase and redraw the thing.
  11. To blend colors with mixer brush you have to lay down at least 1 in between color and clean the brush all the time
  12. I think the advantage of having AP on a computer is that you have more storage place for all your photos
  13. Another way, you can select hair with lasso or other selecting tools and darken the color
  14. I have developed raws, the results are similar to PS CC results. I set settings individually for every photo. There is a button on the side to compare before and after.
  15. I have been thinking of getting a graphic tablet for a while and I don't want to get another software. So do I need Affinity Designer for drawing with a graphic tablet of Affinity photo will do? Which brands does Affinity support? (e. g. Wacom, Huion etc.)
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