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  1. Hello, Will it be possible, at some point, to be able to move brushes within a category and to other categories ? Regards, Philippe
  2. Hi, I know there have been threads on remembering brush modifications. Since there have been no change I am guessing there are various schools of thought. I came across this feature of Krita that could be a nice compromise [1] Basically the brush modifications are remembered as long as the program is not exited. Of course a "reset default" button would achieve somewhat the same but I thought I'd share as this could impact less the implementation. Regards, Philippe [1] - https://docs.krita.org/Loading_and_Saving_Brushes#Modifying_Brush_Presets
  3. Hi, I often switch between the paint brush and mixer; but need to "long-click" to be able to choose the other one. On the desktop version I could extract the "sub-tools" using View/Customize Toolbar". Could this be added to the iPad version ? Regards, Philippe
  4. philippecmartin

    Favourite brushes?

    Hi, The only I figured is to create the brush pack on the desktop version - then import on the iPad. Regards, Philippe
  5. philippecmartin

    Harry and Fawkes

    My first attempt at using Affinity from Ipad to PC - was fun.

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