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  1. Hello, so I have found a few other threads about this issue but couldn’t get to a solution. Today I wanted to import a large psd file which will be used to be printed on a banner (roughly 1 by 2m in size). it has approximately 8000*16000px and got a few simple layers, put into folders. Also it contains a few large jpegs from me that blows up the psd size to around 500MB. The tiff comes to 1,3GB. Both files could not be opened in Photos on the iPad. The files were downloaded but after trying to import them the app simply crashes. There are no live layers, whatsoever inside the file, also since I use Photoshop on my workstation to create it. My imported images are kept as smart objects to not loose the scalability in PS. (Is that maybe an issue?) So my questions is not so much if there’s a way to open them anyways since I guess the file is just too heavy for the iPad, but rather if this is something that’s going to be addressed in a future update? Best regards!
  2. Hello, I just stumbled upon affinity for iPad (already knowing about the desktop version) looking for a powerful alternative to photoshop on my iPad Pro. I really like the way it is heading but I would like to make a few suggestions that could improve the workflow a lot for all sorts of applications. First of all I really need the possibility to organise my Brushes. The categories are fine but as long as I can’t move brushes from one into another it’s basically useless since I can’t really customise the panel. The next thing I am suggesting is a fast Color picker. The two ways to do it now is either over the Color picker tool, or tapping the color option while using the brush and then picking a Color from there. Both ways interrupt my workflow and it’s just plain annoying. The last idea I have would be an option to easily rotate your brush while painting. I imagine adding another quick access to the brush settings could do the trick. Sometimes it’s just easier to rotate the brush instead of the canvas. this would imply though, that the brush preview that you see while changing test tings should actually show a preview of the selected brush. Now it seems like it always just show a circle to represent the size. Besides that I’m really looking forward in experimenting further around and maybe even implement the app into my daily workflow as automotive designer in the future.