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  1. Thanks all, I shall give that a go.
  2. Hi All. I've been struggling to successfully move a family member within a photo. I have tried making a selection of the person copying and pasting to a new layer, I then reduce the opacity and move the new layer to the new position (carefully aligning the position). I then move this layer below the primary working layer and reset the opacity of the moved layer. All good so far, then I run into the issue, when I clone stamp from the moved layer below to the working layer, no matter how hard I try I can't keep the new alignment from the moved layer into the working layer. I position the cursor use alt and select and then carefully try not to move the cursor before painting in the cloned image. Try as I might, inevitably the cursor moves between selection and painting. Does anyone have any tips or a different process for moving objects / people within a photo? I know that PS Elements has context aware move (which I've found to be reasonably ok) does affinity have anything similar? Cheers Stuart P.S sorry as I'm at work, I don't have any images to post to show the issue.
  3. Headshed

    Luminosity Masks for Adjustment & Filter Layers

    Hi Smadell. Many thanks for the answer, I was fully expecting the operator error answer ;-). Having read some of your other posts I experimented further by creating my own luminosity selections and creating a mask from then. This, as you said produced a grey scale image, the bit I find intriguing is what do the marching ants represent? I'm guessing it represents a threshold. Anyway to cut a long story short, I'd seen some youtube from Jimmy McCintire (spelling?) using photoshop with luminosity masks where he was painting into a selection to further blend the result, this is what I was attempting. Mostly I'm happy with the blend ranges result, but the image I was adjusting wasn't playing ball due to the tonal range, so I thought I'd try something different. More experimenting required I think. Once again many thanks for the quick, informative, response.
  4. Headshed

    Luminosity Masks for Adjustment & Filter Layers

    Hi Smadell. Many thanks for all your work on the luminosity selections. I have encountered an issue, which hopefully you may be able to help clear up. I'm trying to blend two images together, a dark one for correct highlight exposure and a light one for correct mids / darks exposure. I have the dark image sat above the light one and I have used the lights 2 macro on he light layer to create a selection. When I then apply a black mask to the dark layer and try to use the selection as a brush limit, I find that the brush tool ignores the selection and allows me to paint over the whole of the mask (not what I was expecting). Could you possibly clarify whether this is the correct behaviour of the selection, a bug in Affinity or, as is the probable cause, user error on my part? Once again, thanks for the great work in making the macros and making them available.
  5. Headshed

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi my name is Stuart, like a lot of people I've arrived here from photoshop. My main interest is landscape photography and general family pictures etc. So far I'm liking the software but do find the conversion from PS to photo a little fraught at times. Looking forward to reading through the forums and picking up some great tips.. Stuart

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