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  1. haha... this is called evolution, Affinity doesn't need to invent wheel. And I used PS since 1996, that's why I mentioned this year, but I believe it was there even before.
  2. Yes it's an option, but it seems to me complicated. I used Photoshop for 20 years and this is normal there since 1996 :)))) Would be nice to have the same in AP, when I merge layers, nothing is cropped to document size. And if I want to crop the layer to document size, there can be function "Crop to document size" and that's it.
  3. yes you are right. And rasterizing after "merge" is redundant, each "merge" is rasterized.
  4. In Photoshop is this normal function when you want to merge layers. Would be nice to have it in Affinity Photo too.
  5. Is there an option how to merge selected layers and don't crop them to document size? (Desktop Mac, same is for iPad) Thank Radim
  6. I merged from Adobe platform to Affinity and I have one question. Is there a way how to copy whole layer to "K" channel only, in CMYK document? I was used to do that in Photoshop where this function was just by copy/paste. I would like to have CMYK document with BLACK channel only for black and white print, but I need to make the "K" channel from composing all other channels. Thanks for advise. Radim Kacer
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