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  1. It's sounds good, but the reality is the following: more and more feature in one software and more and more bugs, and finally everything is mediocore and nothing is special. E.g. Word was a good text editor anno, but nowadays its just a monster with confuse functions and UI. I dont believe in the AllInOne concept... (but its a bit funny, because im working on iMac )
  2. Of course, but we are talking about a new desktop publishing software, which would be an Indesign alternative. Labels, greeting cards, etc. you can make these in Affinty Designer, so why would I need another software? That's the impact factor: long documents!
  3. Just for sure: I dont want to fight with you, but the topic is the importance of Inline/Anchored objects. So I think, the fact if you can do something manually, doesnt mean this feature is not important. And one more thing: the text(flow) is always moving and changing, so we need to use inline or anchored objects (almost) always.
  4. I dont want to argue with you, but I think in a newspaper also needs to use anchored objects. For example when you put a highlighted quote between the texts, you have to use, if you dont want to slip from the related text. Of course you can move it manually always when text is changing, but... you know manually is not professional.
  5. Its okay, that means you are not a professional DTP-user. Maybe Word or Pages is enough for you... Anyway, if you make a textbook – particularly for Math – its a must have feature.
  6. + 1 (oops, it slipped, because wasnt anchored...)
  7. If I use any slider without closing those, but move the whole Prefs window the opened sliders are still there.
  8. I am glad about your answer TonyB! I will try again the same task and will report you the exact infos. As i remember i was trying with sample/tutorial images.
  9. I totally agree with you skiphunt! I was waiting the app, and i love the whole pack, but many times the app is crashing after two simple taps. Add new layer - crash. Export - crash. Add filter - crash. Changing persona - crash. It seems some fundamental memory handling causes this. Or maybe we are just beta testers for a price drop at the launch. (IOS 10.3, iPadPro 9,7" with 16GB free space)