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  1. Not sure if this is exactly the same scenario, but just in case it helps... here goes. I drew half a badge shape with pen tool, copied & mirrored it, snapped the halves together at center, selected all, clicked A to bring up node tool, then selected the top 2 (stacked) corner nodes and clicked "join curves". Those nodes joined (became 1 corner node) but this didn't work for the 2 stacked curve nodes at bottom center. For some reason, clicking 'Add' on the toolbar joined the 2 curve nodes at bottom as 1. I've been battling this for a while too. Got to where I would just draw 2 closed shapes and weld together.

    badge 1.png

    badge 2.png

    top nodes joined.png

    after Add.png

  2. Is there a trick to getting a 3D PSD to open correctly in AP? Or a setting to tweak? I already made sure to tick 'Import smart objects when possible'. I have tried a couple of "Signwall" 3D PSD mockup files and on both the Your Logo Here layer will not completely load. I also tried downsizing the doc to see if that would help... nope. Is there a certain amount of RAM required on PC laptops to ensure this works correctly? I have 4GB but can add more if that is the issue. Screenshot example attached shows how much of that layer will load.

    Screenshot (10).png

  3. Thanks Dan. Reducing RAM and Undo limits ultimately did not help. Machine still locked up. It can happen in any doc. Ya never know when its gonna bite. I've not been able to replicate it, it just happens randomly. I will say this - it does seem to happen if AD has been left open for a long while (an hour+). And, it has happened a few times when zooming using the mouse wheel. When the issue occurs, the entire machine locks up. No way to force quit app or anything like that. The only option is hold power button down to force shutdown and start over. It has also occurred before when trying to use Add or Subtract operations with objects that had many, many nodes. I have since purchased a new PC laptop (yuck!) and the apps are stable. No crashes or lock-ups thus far on that platform. The instability on the old iMac was driving me insane. Performance Prefs attached. I have tinkered with View Quality and Retina Rendering as well trying to resolve this.

    my iMac AD perf prefs.png

  4. Was unaware of the 'fill mode' trick. For the first letter style I posted, switching from Winding to Alternate resolved the issue with negative spaces filling in after Add operation. Interesting. Thanks for that!

    For the second letter style, there are still issues. I've tried Add operation with & without letters staying combined with the numerous texture shapes. In the file I'm attaching, all of that has been removed in order to reduce nodes. The Windows version of AD has the same issue (for me at least). It does vary depending on letter style, though. So, could just be the font and how the characters were originally created.

    letter test.afdesign

  5. The way I have closed this gap is to break the node where the gap is into 2, then tinker with the position of those nodes. The shape still fills, if wanted.

    I too would very much like the ability to create custom vector brushes in AD from objects such as rough hand-drawn lines or sections of copy. I need them to stay vector, not be imported as raster. If it exists in the latest version I haven't found it yet.

  6. Thanks Old Bruce. Yes, I learned that earlier today in the beta forum. I completely forget to check app store for Affinity updates. I downloaded the latest version from app store and also " beta" from Affinity for testing. Still have issues about which I posted in the beta forum. The version locked up my machine after working around an hour.

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