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  1. I was confused by this as well. Closing the topic with a note that it's been moved and is being looked into would be sufficient to allay confusion/displeasure and let the OPs know that they've been heard.
  2. Most of the files I've edited and exported as .afphoto files using Photo for iPad open with no problem on Affinity Photo for Mac…but today when trying to open one file I received the message "The file includes features from a later version of Affinity." I'm running Photo for iOS 1.6.1 and for desktop 1.5.2, which appears to be the latest version. This error has only occurred with one file — the rest work just fine. Help!
  3. kjmatthews

    Crash and Data Loss

    I completely agree with this. Clarification as to where the autosaved backups are located and how to restore them would (as per the help document) be quite useful!
  4. kjmatthews

    Save to Affinity folder on iCloud?

    I can Save a Copy to the iCloud Drive root, and a selection of other folders, but the Affinity Designer folder is grayed out and not available for selection!
  5. Not sure if this is a bug or by design, but why can I not save my files from iPad directly to the Affinity Designer folder on iCloud (where all my other *.afphoto files from AF desktop live)?
  6. AF 1.6 (and 1.6.1) crash regularly — well above 50% of the time — with reasonably heavy use of the inpainting brush in its own layer. While attempting to paint out 5 telephone wires, I was only able to get through 2.5 before AF began crashing close to 90-100% of the time before completing the inpainting process. This issue does NOT appear when using the inpainting brush on the original image pixel layer.

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