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  1. Hi, Thanks for helping me. I followed your steps and I cannot reproduce the issues I was having - everything works as it should. The most probable explanation is what you have suggested - I messed up with the export settings. Thanks a lot again !
  2. Hi DanC, Thanks for your feedback and for trying to help. The image you send me cannot be imported in Spine (because its resolution is 6000x4000 with 64bits depth and 122Mb size). I have tried another image using the settings you are suggesting, when imported into Spine it displays a png where all transparent pixels are white. In Unity, using these settings the transparency is preserved but there is a white halo around the opaque parts, I can opt to though to use exr or psd or png with black Matte - export options that display transparency as expected. In Spine, the only format that supports transparency is png - and pngs from Affinity Photo does not work. It is very nice that Affinity Photo supports the Spine json format (this lets you assemble the spine skeleton using minimal effort) but without proper png export I have a thorn in the workflow (I need to use another program as described above). If you wish to test it for yourself, the Spine Trial is here http://esotericsoftware.com/spine-download and the workflow to diaplay an image is described in this video, from 0:15 to 2:30. Kind reagards, Ippokratis
  3. Hi, I am creating some images for Spine Esoteric. Spine accepts png images and after trying many - many combinations in the export settings, I cannot find a way to export transparency. All transparent parts from the image are replaced with white. I tried png24, png8, checked transparency in the document settings, used different Matte color options, nothing works. Can you please help me? Kind regards, Ippokratis [Edit] A workaround is to save from affinity as exr and use a png converter to create the needed png files, but I would prefer to be able to save png with proper transparency.
  4. Hi, I am creating transparent .png files for use in Unity. I was frustrated by the fact that using standard png export settings, there is a thin white outline around the transparent parts. After some reading I realized that I simply have to change the Matte png export options from white to black and it solved this issue. The problem now is that I have to change the settings every time I export. It would be much easier if the program could : a. save custom export presets b. or at least remember the last used export settings. Please let me know if there is another workaround for my issue that I am not aware of. Kind regards, Ippokratis
  5. Hi, New IPad user here, Congratulations for making such a great app available for the iPad ! I prefer being able to rotate the canvas with gestures by default or having this option in the prefs. This is a quite complex-expensive program for iPad standards and the lack of a manual is annoying. Video tutorials are few and it is very time consuming to search for a specific feature - workflow, plus it is not so easy to take the first steps trying to 'translate' techniques over the desktop version. I am trying to rename a layer - where in the forums should I post similar questions and where should I search for answers ? Kind regards
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