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  1. Hi. When closing a work, you now have to press TAB twice to get to the "No" mark on the popup. I've saved over a couple of overworked files because of this, which I did not want to save. The default in all Windows software is to have "Yes" highlighted. In the updated version of Affinity Photo none of them is highlighted. Best regards, Roy.
  2. Rheus

    DDS File Support

    +1 I would also really like to see DDS export. It's really cumbersome to have to go through multiple apps just to get this done every time you need to see a change. Also Batch job - Save as DDS would be great plus.
  3. This happens if you have cropped an image. The mildly annoying bug is that even if you use history from after the crop, it still remembers the position of the image from before crop. And therefor it undos the wrong part of the image. A workaround for me is to save as PSD and open again. This fixes it.
  4. Thank you! Saved me some screen space as well!!
  5. Hi! I'd like to be able to have the list of adjustments without the presets popping up when I click on an adjustment. Is this doable?
  6. Damn. Seems like a missed opportunity. I wish Affinity Photo had more functionality for 3D artists.
  7. Hi! I'm converting about 100 mono icons to have stroke outside their border. But the stroke in Designer covers half outside and half inside the icon. Is there a way to make the stroke follow the outside of the outline?
  8. Rheus

    DDS File Support

    +1 for DDS!! The most needed in my case.

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