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  1. My printer saves scans in tifs. When I’m scanning more than one it puts all the scans into one tif. Page Plus 8 knows what to do: when inserting the tif, it lets me put each page where I want it. But Affinity only knows about the first page. Can you make it remember them all, as Page Plus does?
  2. Is there a tutorial on tracing copies of photos of faces? I do a blog where I sometimes like to use images of public figures, and adapt them for my purposes. However, I have recently received notice from an agent that I owe a fee for using a professional photo. What would suit me much better would be to start with an image taken from the internet, and use it as a basis for drawing (using Photo or Designer) an adequate lookalike - so that the image I publish no longer contains the photo taken from the internet. Is there a tutorial like this - and if not, might someone oblige?
  3. Thanks, this looks brilliant
  4. Using Beta on Windows 10 Every time I open it I get a message saying New Beta available. There is a new version of the Beta. Please download the latest version from the first thread of our beta forum. Then two buttons, OK and Download. Clicking Download takes me to Download Version 1.7.0 When I try that, I’m told I already have the latest version Clicking OK and going to the beta forum, I can’t find where to download anything later than what I’ve got. I guess the dialog box is just out of date.
  5. Page Plus enables exporting of files to PDF in various forms, including 'PDF Slideshow'. The current Beta of Publisher doesn't seem to have this facility. Is it coming, or is there another way to turn a Publisher file into a slideshow?
  6. And it works! Many thanks for this. I really did want a system that will go through a variety of slide at one end of the room while I can talk to people at the other end. This can be the solution.
  7. I’ve tried creating some custom paragraph styles. I create a text frame and start typing, using a custom style. The result shows the colour correctly, but not the font size or the placement. The text sits on top of the text frame, not inside it.
  8. jatclat

    Custom styles misplaced

    No! The problem seems to have gone away. All I can think of is that something buggy crept in, and disappeared when I rebooted. Sorry to trouble you for nothing. If it happens again I'll let you know.
  9. Booklet mode seems okay, but it doesn’t answer my issue. I use margins at design time, to mark out the areas of the page which need leaving blank because the printer won’t print them. I therefore want to set the margins to match what the printer prints. I’m assuming that it would be a small matter to add to the Facing Pages section the facility to set margins for left and right pages independently of each other, rather than making them mirror images of each other.
  10. I want to print 4 pages of A5 on one A4 sheet, so the A4 will be landscape but printed on a printer that prints A4 portrait. The trailing edge needs to be 16mm, the other edges 3mm. Using Facing Pages, Publisher allows me to set the outside margins at 16mm, but I will only want 16mm for the right-hand margin of the right-hand pages. The left-hand margin of left-hand pages needs to be 3mm. Is there a way of doing this? If not, can you please add the facility to the Facing Pages section?
  11. Thanks. I get the idea, but it's very fiddly, and when it comes to an 8-page booklet, wanting to impose pages, it'll be more fiddly still. I'd find it easier to ignore the faulty margin and add a guide to the master page. I would anticipate that many people will have this issue, so if you could put it on the list for an extra development I'd be grateful.
  12. I’m preparing an A4 landscape project in Photo, to print on an HP Photosmart B110a. A lot of ink is involved and I want to print at least the drafts, possibly the finished product (80 copies), in the printer’s draft mode. When I print in normal mode all is well. When I change to draft mode the copy prints out a centimetre higher up than it should, so the top gets chopped off and there is blank paper at the bottom. I then change back to normal mode, and it still prints out a centimetre higher up. Closing and reopening the file doesn’t reset it; exiting Photo and reopening it does.
  13. I now seem to have sorted it. I’m providing details in case they are of help. I hope you don’t feel aggrieved to have spent this time when the solution was to download a different printer driver. I’d never have puzzled it out without your help. I was using a Windows printer driver. The driver on the CD that came with the printer refuses to do a second installation (which is annoying because having multiple installations bypasses the long wait while an unprinted document gets cancelled.) I went the the HP website and downloaded theirs. It’s not without its own problems. Sections didn’t print out. They related to some pngs I had created, so I re-did them. More disappointing, the HP driver is half in English and half in Chinese. The drop-down box for choosing between best quality, normal and draft has no text in it, and I only know how to select the right one by trial and error. But that’s my problem, not yours. I attach the two images requested. With the Windows printer driver, the following is happening. It is definitely set to A4 paper. I now get the offset when I set the Print Properties/Quality setting to Better (as well as Draft). With a bit of experimenting I found that the difference in the Preview boxes does not simply reflect whether I've set Quality to Better or Draft. I was leaving Paper Size at Defined By Driver: underneath it had Width 210 mm and Height 297 mm. so that seemed okay. The Preview box was always as shown in PhotoA4PrintDlg2.jpg. I now realise that this was indicating that the printing would be offset. So I changed the Paper Size to A4, and then got the preview as in PhotoA4PrintDlg1.jpg, which I take to be the desirable one. However, clicking Print at this stage still produced an offset printout. Moreover, every time I changed the Properties/Quality Settings setting, the preview automatically reverted to the one as in PhotoA4PrintDlg2.jpg.
  14. I've just got Google Chrome to print out my Google Calendar in landscape, using the Shift+Ctrl+P as advised, and it came out correctly - narrow margins along both long edges.
  15. On the first point, I thought about margins and tried with them switched on and off. It made no difference. On the second point, I'd like to try this but I can't work out how to open an image in Chrome. If you can tell me how, I'll do it. I can tell Chrome to print a web page, and it always prints it in portrait. But an image from my computer, it doesn't want to know.
  16. Sorry, I should have explained more fully. Yes, I've been using this printer for 7 years, often printing from Word, Acrobat Reader and Page Plus 8, using different settings. I've never had this issue before. Since this problem arose I've uninstalled and reinstalled printer drivers on 2 different computers. Since sending my earlier request I've had instances of the problem arising when using normal print quality as well as draft, but haven't yet been able to isolate a regular pattern. What may be relevant is that the document is landscape and the printer has to print portrait, so it has to rotate; and the distance of the unwanted offset seems to tally pretty closely with the margins the printer requires. They are 16 mm for the short trailing edge, 3.3 mm for the others. I exported the document I'm working on to a png, and tried printing it, again from Af Photo. When I printed landscape the same problem occurred. When I rotated the image and put it onto an A4 Portrait document, it printed okay. So I can use this as a workaround for the time being, but if you can fix it I'll be grateful. Your final sentence makes me wonder whether Windows 10, which I'm using, doesn't look after printers that date back to 2011 too well. Would that be a possibility?
  17. I'm setting up A4 landscape to be folded into 4 pages of A5 portrait. As far as I can make out the procedure is to set the Document settings as A5 portrait, and when ready to print, print as Booklet onto A4 landscape. Setting up the margins of the A5 document, I click Printer Settings. On my printer the Bottom is a lot wider than Top, Left and Right. Publisher sets the bottom of the A5 page to the wide margin. I need the wide margin on the trailing edge of the A4, not the bottom of the A5. There is also an oddity about the printout. The outside pages are printed with the top of the A5 pages on the left, the inside pages with the top of the A5 pages on the right. Once one knows one can feed the second side in accordingly, but I wonder whether there is a setting to adapt this.
  18. I have a large collection of Serif wmf files. I find them useful because I can start with a ready-made file and adapt it for my purposes. Until now I've been using the Microsoft Office 2010 facility for viewing a folder's worth of wmf files and selecting the one I want. I've had to upgrade Office and they don't seem to support this any more. How do I preview wmf files before choosing which one to open in Affinity Designer?
  19. Many thanks to you both! I've decided to try Karel Donk's first (https://github.com/kareldonk/WMFPreview/releases) but will try those too. Any chance Affinity Designer and/or Photo could incorporate something like this in a future upgrade?
  20. The text tools are missing. Affinity Photo
  21. Photo, Windows 10, Lenovo Yoga 2 13 with screen resolution 1920x1080. Clicking Layer/New Live Filter Layer/Lighting Filter produces a big dialog box which is impossible to move because the top is above the edge of the screen. The only way I can get to move it out of the way of the image is by demaximising (Restoring) the window and then moving the whole Photo window so far down that the bottom is off the screen edge.
  22. Many thanks. I had not changed the settings. The way the program was downloaded onto my computer, the tools were in one column, all the way down to the bottom of the screen, and the last couple were out of sight. There was no indication that there were any additional ones out of sight, or any way to access them, so I didn't know. But now that you have explained about customising tools, I've set them to be in two columns. Maybe in future versions you might indicate that somehow - or have a default 2-column setting whenever the screen isn't big enough to fit them all in.
  23. I've just installed the latest upgrade of Affinity Photo onto a laptop that doesn't have a CD drive. At first it refused because it couldn't find E drive. I didn't need it as I was installing from a download. I did get it to install, by plugging in an external DVD drive, a trick I learned from earlier Serif software. Could you please adjust the updates so that the CD drive is unnecessary?