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  1. I'm a graphic designer/software tester/interested in UX/loves illustration etc. I literally grew up with the Adobe Creative Suite. Now I'm working full time as a software tester, with a little design in my day job. But doing 1 project every 2-3 months Freelance design in my free time. I'm still using CS4 and can't afford the CS6 upgrade. CC subscription based model just doesn't make sense for me! I can't absorb the cost as my clients are often pro-bono/voluntary and/or spaced out. Adobe have made a killing being the "industry standard" and I am so so so happy to see someone else out there as worthy competition. Sure full time designers and big companies might be able to afford it, but for the little guys and gals out there just peddling what they love? No way. I'm hanging in for Affinity Publisher. It's a core need for me in my publication design work. I'm also keen on seeing trace make its way into Affinity Designer eventually. Will definitely be using Designer more to get my brain trained in the similarities and differences to get to equal training with things, so that I don't feel the need to go back to Illustrator or Photoshop to "just do that thing" cause it'd be quicker.
  2. I've just started experimenting with Affinity coming from growing into a design industry with Illustrator and this totally confused me. My first response was to search the help documentation for "scaling" but no dice. Second response was to search the forum and hey presto! I'll add that I really like the idea of a configurable option, but one that is consistently either use shift or don't too - gives the ability to satisfy more users. I must say though, I'm super excited about using this product!
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