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  1. I have Affinity Designer for Windows and see you guys have launched it on the Microsoft Store. Is there any way for me to transition across to the MS store version from my original version ?
  2. I know I can use Ctrl+0 but I need to take a hand off the mouse to do that. I use the Navigator window to zoom in often, so it would be great just to click a little button to go back to Zoom to Fit, maybe just on the LHS of the Navigator window, under the word "Zoom" ? I know I can also save a View Point but I have a couple in their so I have to drop the list down :)
  3. Downloaded, tried to install, it got part way through and said "I didn't have the privileges to do an install", and then trashed my 1.52 version to make it unusable. It never did this is the 1.5.1 --> 1.5.2 upgrade ? Running W 10 Pro V 1703 (i7CPU/32GB RAM/GTX1070 GPU) A few reboots later and it managed to install ... soooo... not sure what happened ? (as in windows or AD1.5.3 issue) I did have to put my email and KEY # in again.
  4. It would be really good if it was converted to a Windows Store (I understand MS allow this to be done easily these days with a special conversion program ?) so updates were handled through the store, it's a little annoying when I go to settle down to do some work and the first thing I have to do is an update... (minor annoyance ... but still) and yes I can postpone it but I am likely to forget when I finish and be confronted again next time :) The Store handles updates in the background EDIT: should have read further in the thread ! DOH !
  5. I am lovin' Affinity's software. I Use Designer regularly (waiting for Publisher to replace my Page Plus program) but really really really want Afinity to lend their hand at a Lightroom replacement, lets call it "Affinity Image" as a placeholder :) There are many folk that would jump ship if something decent happened . I use Lightroom 80%, Designer 15% and Pageplus 5%. I have a license for Photoshop CC but I can't remember the last time I used it so I never bothered with Affinity Photo I am sure this has been brought up before ?
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