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  1. Current version (just updated on Tuesday). Just now I tried to switch to a Designer window that had been open for several hours without being used. The window loaded, then a second or two after switching to it, the program seemed to reload itself all the way from the splash screen, and when it was finished it did not prompt to recover unsaved files like it normally does on a crash. There were about 6 or 7 files open simultaneously (but only one had not been saved recently).
  2. problem_ex1 is what it looks like in Designer, problem_ex2 is what it looks like in Inkscape (and what it looked like in Designer before 1.6).
  3. That isn't the problem - whenever I open these up I always do Select All + new artboard. The problem is that some objects (usually members of groups) are checked hidden when they shouldn't be. For instance, if you look at the far right of the 'Jabba's Doghouse' file you'll see a scene with a couple of disembodied eyes and heads, which are definitely not supposed to look like that.
  4. Here are two - everything was placed outside of the frame of the document in Inkscape, so there's nothing to see when it first opens up. Dark Feather.svg Jabba's Doghouse.svg
  5. Before 1.6.0, whenever I opened my old .svg files (created in Inkscape) in Designer they would open with all layers and objects visible. Now many objects are hidden when opened, without any clear pattern that I can tell (it's always the same objects every time for the same file, but which parts are affected vary from file to file). The same thing happens if I just copy and paste the objects from Inkscape into Designer.
  6. It would appear that this is caused by the Microsoft WinTab drivers - after uninstalling them it works properly.
  7. Hello, On a Surface Pro 3 running Win10, pressing the eraser button on the pen takes about a second and a half to register in Photo, and if I put the tip down before the tooltip shows the eraser outline it continues with the tool it was on and never switches to the eraser. In Designer, pressing the button changes to the eraser tool while the pen is within a short range of the tablet, but as soon as the nib touches the screen it switches back to the previous tool. The battery has recently been replaced in the pen and I've tested it in other drawing programs, so there's not likely anything wrong with the hardware. I'm on the current versions of both programs.
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