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  1. Just noticed the Same issue, but cant find a way to delete the .afphoto files from the document (it still shows up in the resource manager) even after being deleted Did you guys notice the same thing?
  2. Hi I've noticed the progress bar doesn't really work, the bar is stagnant until the last 5 seconds and then its just done For context on this issue, I'm exporting uncut A2 panels, each page takes 3.3mins, if it gave me a time estimated or showed a time elapsed (for me to remember for next time) or showed an accurate progress bar I would not have to sit around until its done ( This message sounds more frustrating then actually is, its not that bad but, its just one of those things that will make a great product even better). Keep up the great work Kind regards Mike
  3. Mikesath123

    Interactive buttons

    Was just looking for the same feature for the same reason, I hope the feature is early on in the roadmap as it greatly reduces current use cases for testing. Keep up the great work, looking forward to the final product.
  4. Would also like this feature or something like this, for university projects its very useful

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